After watching our toddlers smear lip gloss all over their faces and into their mouths, consuming unnecessary harmful chemicals, we knew there had to be a better solution. For years, we recognized that our chapped lips were not being healed with the expensive lip balms and medicated sticks we were using- it seemed like our lips got worse and we almost seemed addicted! After some research, we learned that the majority of these so-called healing balms contained ingredients such as alcohol that actually dried our lips out more and caused further chapping. We really were becoming addicted because we needed more and more! So, we decided to create a solution using only all-natural ingredients that are actually working to heal our lips and skin. In addition to being wonderful for our skin and lips- our ingredients are safe to ingest! No need to worry if you or your kids are slathering your lips all day long! Our clever packaging makes klēn products fun for all ages! Collect multiple flavors and feel good knowing you are keeping your family safe!

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