French Connections

Come shop furniture, art and fabrics from France, Mexico, and many African countries. French Connections mixes the colors and designs of France and many African countries where owners Jacques & Wendy Dufour have lived, worked and traveled, and now live in Pittsboro, NC

Cloister Honey

Honey is one of nature’s luxuries. It takes thousands of bees and countless hours to produce an eight-ounce bottle of liquid gold – no wonder honey was prized by ancient emperors. The flavorful sweetness of raw, natural honey is a true delicacy. If you’re someone who appreciates the simple pleasures of life, we invite you to experience Cloister Honey.

Great Harvest Bread Co.

Great Harvest bread is renowned for its amazing taste and healthful qualities. Our whole grain breads, made with daily ground, high-protein Montana wheat, are fundamental to a good diet and active lifestyle.

Tonya’s Cookie Company

Tonya Council grew up watching her grandmother create masterpieces in the kitchen. Trying to find her own niche in such a large and talented family,along the way she came up with a cookie recipie that would taste like her grandmother’s mouth watering pecan pies.


Step up your style game with some stunning VaVaVoom jewelry! Shop our selection of stylish boutique jewelry VaVaVoo carries a beautiful selection of quality designer jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, pendants and fashionable styled earrings.

Vintage Paris Market Naturals

Vintage Paris Market Naturals makes natural bath and body products and all natural soy candles. Their product line includes soap, lotion, scrubs, bath bombs in the shape of a ball and small and large cupcake, face and eye cream, liquid soap, massage candles, soy candles, body butters, lip balms, lotion bars, foot cream and much more.

Odds & Ends Jewelry

Odds & Ends will be at Holiday Shoppe Nov 29 – Dec 2 with their beautiful handmade vintage, recycled jewelry. Making the old into something new and unique decor.

Pink Magnolia Boutique

Imagine a place where every time you walk through the door you’re greeted with enthusiasm and true southern hospitality – a place where you’re treated like an old friend no matter if you frequent the store or stumble across it for the very first time. Pink Magnolia offers a southern chic atmosphere with all the current trends in clothing, jewelry, & accessories at an affordable price. With special offers such as cold beverages, experienced stylists, and customer loyalty programs, you’ll have a hard time shopping anywhere else.

Five Points Baking Co.

Five Points Baking Company, LLC is a Raleigh, NC venture dedicated to producing gluten free, all-natural snacks without sacrificing flavor or texture. Our mission is to offer gluten free options without compromise – the kind of treats you look forward to savoring, not mere imitations of your original favorites.

Quite simply, we don’t believe those eating gluten-free should have to compromise, or accept something that’s “close” to the original. This dedication to taste and texture is so fundamental that our snacks are often preferred by those who are not eating gluten free.

Our mission is personal. Our founder’s husband is a Type I diabetic with Celiac disease. He had a terrible time finding tasty snacks that were not only gluten free, but also low carb. Our Artisanal Cheese Straws finally satisfied the craving: an all natural snack full of golden cheddar flavor with a little kick, without wheat or gluten, and boasting 3g carbohydrates and 5g protein per one ounce serving. Now he’s got a host of sweet treats to enjoy too!

Klēn Shop

After watching our toddlers smear lip gloss all over their faces and into their mouths, consuming unnecessary harmful chemicals, we knew there had to be a better solution. For years, we recognized that our chapped lips were not being healed with the expensive lip balms and medicated sticks we were using- it seemed like our lips got worse and we almost seemed addicted! After some research, we learned that the majority of these so-called healing balms contained ingredients such as alcohol that actually dried our lips out more and caused further chapping. We really were becoming addicted because we needed more and more! So, we decided to create a solution using only all-natural ingredients that are actually working to heal our lips and skin. In addition to being wonderful for our skin and lips- our ingredients are safe to ingest! No need to worry if you or your kids are slathering your lips all day long! Our clever packaging makes klēn products fun for all ages! Collect multiple flavors and feel good knowing you are keeping your family safe!

Cottage Lane Kitchen

Cottage Lane Kitchen isn’t just a business, but a home kitchen with a family story. The last batch of my family’s spicy pepper relish was made by my Grandfather in the early 1990s. My father rationed them as gifts through the years and there were only a few bottles remaining in 2010. These treasures tied me to my family’s lineage of relish-makers and I was determined to keep this family heirloom alive. I asked my father to help me cook a batch since the recipe was an oral tradition, only passed down by making it together. I made my first batch of pepper relish in 2010 in our family residence on Cottage Lane, where my father lives today. I recorded his groupings of ingredients into cups and teaspoons so it would never be lost. We are proud of the lineage of our recipes; our homestead; the quality of the ingredients used in our products and the bold flavors we continue to preserve.

Red Light Chocolates

The highest quality artisanal chocolates. Red Light Chocolates uses the finest, freshest ingredients they can find, supporting other local businesses when possible. Some of their locally sourced ingredients include local cream, honey, and eggs. Red Light Chocolates also prides themselves on the use of all natural ingredients, including fruit purees and Madagascar vanilla beans. All their chocolates are handmade in small batches, and they don’t use preservatives.

ivegothammer Art & Furnishings

ivegothammer makes folk art and artful furnishings from reclaimed wood and found materials. Taking old, cast-off stuff and gives it new life! Using old wood and found objects, the style can be described as; rustic, primitive, self-taught, outsider or folk art, mixed media, assemblage. All Made from curb-picking, and connecting with people who are demolishing or renovating old buildings, or clearing out attics, basements sheds, or barns.

Carolina Runway Boutique

Carolina Runway is a mobile boutique specializing in ladies clothing and accessories. Selling in-style dresses, tops, jewelry, and small purses. Styles are trendy and classic, and Carolina Runway has something for everyone, from teenagers to grandmothers!

Carolina Candy Company

Carolina Candy Company has been satisfying customers with incredibly rich and delicious toffees and chocolate candies for over 10 years. Every order is made by us, by hand, with only freshest, quality ingredients. It is the only way to ensure the quality and taste our loyal customers have come to love and demand.

Whether it is a gift box of Tarheel Toffee, a wedding cake adorned with our beautifully detailed Sea Treasures, or a pound of incredibly delicious Carolina Candies, our customers know they are getting a high quality handmade product.

Butler Custom Clothing

When it comes to well-fitting custom tailored clothing for men, Rob Butler has one purpose-minded commitment – to develop and enhance your own personal style with unmatched one-on-one service.

Using the highest quality materials availabe for the task, Rob will craft your wardrobe to meet activity-specific goals.

Whether you find yourself in a boardroom or at a formal event, a family gathering or your favorite fall sporting venue, Rob’s commitment assures style, fit and comfort by providing a wardrobe that possesses value and longevity.

Blue J Jewelry

Blue J Jewelry creations are wearable art, handmade and one of a kind jewelry pieces created by Jennifer Hinds.

To achieve the unique look and range of styles and design in these pieces, many different techniques are utilized that have been perfected over the years. These techniques include: Hand Crafted Chain Maille, Resin Work, Epoxy Clay Molding, Metal Stamping, Bead Work, and Wire Wrapping. Swarovski Crystals, Vintage Glass Beads, and semi-precious stones are commonly used in many designs.

All pendants are made by using a range of materials. They begin with an empty bezel, and then are filled with various materials from glitter, found objects, paper, colored resin, pictures, and botanicals. Each pendant takes approximately 1 week to make from beginning to end. Once the Pendant is finished, it is then made into a necklace, bracelet, or earrings. Many of the chains are made by hand by either hand linking beads and connectors or using the chain maille technique. All metal items such as bezels, charms, clasps, and chain are sourced from various vendors in the USA. Beads typically used are Vintage glass, Glass, and Swarovski Crystals. All pieces are made solely by Jennifer Hinds.

Busy Bee NC

Slice them, bake for 9 – 10 minutes and be ready to be the hit of the party. Cheesy and crispy with pecans and a touch of spice that pairs well with your favorite wines.

And just in time for the holidays!!!

For the sweet tooths among us, we have two new products perfect with a coffee and friends! Cranberry and Shortbread cookie dough in our red ribbon package. Delicious, melt in your mouth goodness. Ginger Cookies are in our green ribbon roll. Bake them and sprinkle some sugar on top. Perfect! Our cheese dollars and other cookies are great as gifts to teachers, family, friends, and neighbors. Packaged in gift bags, they are perfect for weddings, golf tournaments and all sorts of public events as snacks and handouts for your favorite people.

Blink! Pop Up Shop

We hunt for fresh and innovative finds that inspire us, select the best of the best, and then we pop up to share them with you for a limited time! Each blink! event is unique. New exciting finds, new date, and sometimes a new location like at Holiday Shoppe in Cary, NC from Nov 30 to Dec 2, hope to see you there!

Beef Jerky Outlet, Carolina Jerky

This unique store carries over 200 varieties of jerky including beef, chicken, turkey and ham plus exotic jerkies which include kangaroo, ostrich, pheasant, elk, venison and more.

We feature gourmet popcorns, deep fried peanuts, t-shirts, over 100 hot sauces, ghost and scorpion peppers. Don’t forget to check out our nice assortment of pickled fruits and vegetables, flavored honeys and flavored peanut butters. We also have bug candy such as flavored crickets and larvettes . . . just for fun!

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