ivegothammer Art & Furnishings

ivegothammer makes folk art and artful furnishings from reclaimed wood and found materials. Taking old, cast-off stuff and gives it new life! Using old wood and found objects, the style can be described as; rustic, primitive, self-taught, outsider or folk art, mixed media, assemblage. All Made from curb-picking, and connecting with people who are demolishing or renovating old buildings, or clearing out attics, basements sheds, or barns.

Blue J Jewelry

Blue J Jewelry creations are wearable art, handmade and one of a kind jewelry pieces created by Jennifer Hinds.

To achieve the unique look and range of styles and design in these pieces, many different techniques are utilized that have been perfected over the years. These techniques include: Hand Crafted Chain Maille, Resin Work, Epoxy Clay Molding, Metal Stamping, Bead Work, and Wire Wrapping. Swarovski Crystals, Vintage Glass Beads, and semi-precious stones are commonly used in many designs.

All pendants are made by using a range of materials. They begin with an empty bezel, and then are filled with various materials from glitter, found objects, paper, colored resin, pictures, and botanicals. Each pendant takes approximately 1 week to make from beginning to end. Once the Pendant is finished, it is then made into a necklace, bracelet, or earrings. Many of the chains are made by hand by either hand linking beads and connectors or using the chain maille technique. All metal items such as bezels, charms, clasps, and chain are sourced from various vendors in the USA. Beads typically used are Vintage glass, Glass, and Swarovski Crystals. All pieces are made solely by Jennifer Hinds.

WHW Studios

Wendy H. Wilkins became a professional artist in 2013 after a successful career in marketing and management. She earned her MBA from UNC-Chapel Hill and is the owner of WHW Studios, LLC. In addition to painting, she has illustrated several books and sells giftware featuring her work. Wendy resides in Durham, NC and relaxes by sipping lattes, writing children’s novels, or hiking in the mountains.

As an artist, her goal is simple— bring a smile to the viewer’s face.

Wood Grain & Grits

Wood Grain and Grits is a husband and wife team, Scott and Liz, who make all the awesome stuff on this site. They are from the north and moved south four years ago and fell in love with North Carolina. Our love for the state turned into our first line of wood blocks – “southern sayings”. After that come their beer lover line, lyric squares and wood crate wall shelves. They also love taking custom orders too!

Wyndham Brooke Haven Pottery

Wheel-turned and slab-constructed pottery featuring crystalline serving trays and high-fired stoneware pieces. Come shop handmade pottery from Wyndham & Brooke Haven Pottery, Specializes in wheel-turned and slab-constructed pottery featuring crystalline serving trays and high-fired stoneware pieces.

A Paper Forest: Wooden & Paper Trees

A Paper Forest was inspired by a favorite childhood holiday decoration found at a Christmas market in Italy and a passion for decorative paper. These beautiful wooden & paper trees will look great in any home or on any mantle piece.

Blue Frog Designs

Using the Millefiori cane making technique, I layer polymer clay to create designs or images that run lengthwise through a tube of clay so that when sliced, each slice is a duplicate of the design. The cane designs and other interesting techniques are used in my whimsical polymer creations which are fired in a standard oven to harden the clay. I often add beads, feathers, wire or found objects for variety.

Colorful Cast and Crew: Home Decor

Colorful Cast and Crew is a unique shop that offers a variety of home decor items. They strive to offer their customers unique items for their homes that speak to their own sense of style and taste. My mixed media items are one of a kind and will not be found elsewhere, thus helping my customers in creating a truly unique and personalized living space. If you don’t see what you’re looking for please ask, custom orders are Colorful Cast and Crew’s specialty.

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